Why Us?

BioEnergy Environmental Impact

With the aim of avoiding environmental damage at the maximum possible, ensuring
the maximal use of wastes and ensuring the classification of solid waste to
contribute to the economy, everyday BioEnergy transforms tons of discarded
resources into clean and affordable sources.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Providing clean and affordable energy is a fundamental tool to decouple economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation; which is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. RDF is approximately from 20-30% cheaper than conventional fossil fuel and it has - 40% CO2 emissions rather than coal the most common fuel used by the cement industry in Egypt.

Life on land

Diverting ton of waste from landfill, BioEnergy contributes to preserve natural soil, water resource and increase land productivity.

Sustainable cities and communities

The high rate of demographic growth and high concentration of urban population requires effective and urgent waste management action to cope with high waste generation rate. In this framework co-processing is vital solution for dispose mass tons of waste that otherwise would not be recycle and absorbed by the local market given the current technological maturity in Egypt.

Decent work and economic growth

Providing a clean and affordable source of energy, BioEnergy supports Egypt’s economic growth. Moreover taking in back discarded resources into the circular economy, BioEnergy contributes to create decent job for marginalized and informal workers , especially women which are even more efficient and productive when it comes to segregation of waste.

Social Responsibility

In compliance with the environment friendly approach and for raising the awareness of the society, BioEnergy effectuates various social activities in Egypt.

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