About Us

Our Vision

BioEnergy’s vision is to increase the commercial value of wastes with its environment friendly approach by developing innovative,  creative and effective solutions.

Our Mission

BioEnergy’s mission is to provide alternative, clean, and efficient energy solutions to its customers in addition to waste management solutions.

Our Awards

In 2018, BioEnergy has been awarded with an honorary Alternative Fuel
Award (AFA) by Lechtenberg& Partner at the 5th Alternative Fuels Symposium.

Photo below: https://www.lechtenberg-partner.de/index.php/symposium2/alternative-fuel-award

- BioEnergy has been recognized as one of the fastest growing company
worldwide in the alternative fuels field for the project “Waste, Fueling the
Future of Pyroprocess”.

Our Philosophy

“Waste fueling the future” is BioEnergy’s dream. Our philosophy focuses on minimizing the waste not only as a commitment but as the essence of our business. By revamping the resources we want to generate green quality energy at a very competitive price. We do not just offer products, we provide customized solutions with flexibility, nimbleness and speed. We are committed to our clients’ inputs and we care about their feedback. We revise assumptions and start the cycle over again, testing redesigned offerings and making further adjustments or change ideas that aren’t working to reach the final common goal, without compromising the quality or the quantity of our supply.

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