Waste fueling the future.

Based in Egypt and expanding operations in Middle East & Africa.

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Our History

For the sustainability and the modern industrialization, the innovation of renewable energy is vital.

As a pioneer of this vision, Mahmoud Galal (Founder & CEO) started his business with the name of BioEnergy. BioEnergy converts waste into fuel, resulting in a sustainable energy source, Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF). Compared to fossil fuels, RDF is more affordable, abundant, and environmentally friendly. To stimulate circular economy, BioEnergy is utilizing its experience in the market for innovation in the whole cycle of waste management, including RDF production.

  • BioEnergy started its activities by delivering RDF as a ready product for local cement factories.


  • BioEnergy increased its market share in the Alternative fuel sector by supporting more factories to shift into clean energy partially.


  • BioEnergy expanded by the operational and management activities for various factories of Alternative Fuel inside cement plants.


  • By acquiring its own waste recycling plant with the support of the government, BioEnergy obtained one of the latest technologies for waste management that provided to become one of the top leaders in the production of RDF in Egypt.


  • By capitalizing its own waste management plants, BioEnergy extended its activities with the whole waste recycling chain, including RDF.


  • BioEnergy acquired the largest waste management plant in the MENA region. Bioenergy is expanding its waste to energy activities in Egypt & Africa.


Board Members

Beethoven Tayel
Adel Boseli
Omar Maraghy
Ahmed Huzayyin

Facts & Figures

656250000 Kcal

Energy generated



750000 ton

Waste processed from 2015 to 2019

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